It’s all about understanding the client’s uniqueness and personality to create the Brand story that is right for them. Finding the correct balance between elements, colors and typography lead us to showcase the Brand at its best throughout all areas of the communication spectrum.

The Project

In the case of CEEM, their logo was already selected. What was urgently needed of us was to visually convey the right attitude; the cool, extremely robust and ‘above and beyond’ quality of their product lines. We did so by selecting black as the background color, a dark brush metallic texture as supporting element. The client’s images received our standard TLC. We zeroed-in on a typeface that is modern, legible and great for strong taglines. The designers created layouts that are clean and sparse, guiding viewers’ attention to the bold taglines and beautiful product images.


Based in the UAE, CEEM specializes in the manufacture of unique and custom-made equipment for the oilfield industry. One area of its expertise is the design and manufacturing of Advanced Hydraulic Workover Rigs (AHWU), a vital component of any drilling operation. The Company further provides multiple oilfield related services such as Water Jet Cutting, CNC Plasma Cutting, Steel Fabrication, Machining, Grit Blasting and Painting.